ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Diepholz 1978
Diepholz 1978-07-22 - 1978-07-23


Super Star Camaro Cup
  Heat 1
  Heat 2

Antal tävlande: 27


No race for the Rennsportmeisterschaft at Diepholz this year, but AMC Diepholz was not put aside easily: 22 Camaros from Sweden, piloted by well-known DRM and Formula 1 stars did attract 20.000 spectators who had a field day. The cars were Group 1 Camaro Z28s, with Group 5 front- and rear spoilers.
Since no championship was at stake, there was time for some fun as well.
When Mass arrived a little late at Diepholz, Stommelen commented: Jochen, its not difficult to get used to; the car is yellow (like his ATS F1) and wooden tires they have as well as
The Swedes had not expected the DRM professionals to adapt so quickly to the rough life in the Camaro cup. Like Hans Heyer: he drove a reserve car, which never had qualified higher than 14th. The team manager could not understand why the car was so fast - until it dawned to him that it might have something to do with the pilot...
Back to the fun: Grohs modified the bodywork of his car so that now all the parts had the same wave form, by moving piles of tires and pylons around the track. Hezemans behaved even worse; he used all the shortcuts he could find, and his mechanic had a full time job in painting new spoilers in Jägermeister colours - until he ran out both of paint and spoilers. Then Hezemans came in with the message that all the lights on the dashboard were lit; was there anything wrong? There was, an enormous hole in his engine.
Finally Stommelen was on pole (you can miss some chicanes, but be sure nobody sees), over 2 seconds faster than Hezemans, then Stuck, Heyer, Granberg, Karlsson and Mass.
Hezemans new engine only lasted for two laps, Stommelen had a puncture, lost four laps but continued anyway, and Stuck took the lead with Granberg second, until the latter gearbox expired. Heyer was second now, and when Mass missed a chicane he found himself back in the results sixth after a 30 second penalty.
The second heat was a fight between Stuck, Heyer and Mass again, but nobody noticed that Granberg had slipped by and disappeared - he won heat 2, but overall the order was Stuck, Heyer and Mass.

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