Här finns lite kul information för alla racingnördar!
Allt är taget från vår databas. Därfär ändras informationen när fler tävlingar läggs till.

In our database are now the following stored:
  • 26249 drivers from 94 countries.
  • 740 clubs.
  • 3069 competitions in 101 years and 251 tracks.
  • 1345 classes and 6683 vehicle models.
  • The first contest was held 1922-02-12 at Gärdesbanan. 29 drivers competed.
  • The latest registrated competition is Rudskogen Racing Festival 2001 at Rudskogen.
  • The fastest time is 28.010 which was performed on Reve Kartring 1991-05-11 By Øystein Borgen.
  • The homepage results lists consist of 581395 rows.
  • 6892873 laps have been run, which corresponds to 16926792 km which is approximately 423 laps around the globe!
  • The weather has usually been soligt. In more particularly 459 competitions.
  • Jan "Flash" Nilsson has run the most competitions. Impressive 713 heat.
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