Trophy of the Dunes Zandvoort 1979
Zandvoort 1979-09-15 - 1979-09-16


Super Star Camaro Cup

Antal tävlande: 25


Camaro Superstar Race

Another race for Slotemaker to enjoy himself it seemed; the Swedes had better cars, though no-one cared since there were no championships at stake. But the race turned into a mess, cars stranded everywhere, a beginning of fire - and than Strauch blew his engine in a big way right after the Hunzerug. Soon, the doctors BMW stopped behind the stranded Camaro.

There was an oil trail right on the racing line, yellow flags were waved but then tragedy struck: Slotemaker lost control and smashed into the doctors car, breaking his neck; the anti-skid export ironically lost his life due to a slippery surface. There were injuries in the doctors car, and the race - and in fact the other races as well - were cancelled.

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